International Symposium on
Nuclear Symmetry Energy

RIKEN, Wako, Japan
July 26-28, 2010
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Final Circular

Dear Colleagues,

This is the final circular for the International Symposium on Nuclear Symmetry Energy (NuSYM10) which is held from July 26 (Monday) to July 28 (Wednesday), 2010 at RIKEN Nishina Center, Wako, Japan.

The symposium will cover:

The location of the symposium provides a great opportunity for participants to visit the new RIBF facility which is now producing intense RI beams to do reaction experiments to explore the matter properties of nuclear systems with variable neutron-to-proton ratio. The symposium will be a good opportunity to form collaborations and to advance inter-related research fields.

Website and Correspondence

News about the symposium may be found on the symposium website . All correspondence should be sent to the organizers' email address .

Scientific Program

A preliminary program is available at the website. Invited talks and selected contributions are presented in oral sessions. Poster sessions are also arranged after lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Invited Speakers

V. Baran (U. of Bucharest/INFN-LNS), Z. Chajecki (MSU), G. Colò (U. of Milano), M. Famiano (Western Michigan U.), T. Furuta (LPC Caen), F. Gulminelli (LPC Caen), M. Itoh (Tohoku U.), S. Kowalski (U. of Silesian), J. Lee (RIKEN), H. Lee (Hanyang U.), G. Lehaut (IPN Lyon), Y. Leifels (GSI),  B. Li (Texas A&M Commerce), J. Margueron (IPN Orsay), M. Matsuo (Niigata U.), S. Nishizaki (Iwate U.), K. Oyamatsu (Aichi Shukutoku U.), D. Rossi (GSI), I. Sagert (ITPGU, Frankfurt), M. Sako (Kyoto U.), A. Steiner (MSU), J. Stone (U. of Oxford/U. of Tennessee), W. Tian (SINAP, Shanghai), S. Typel (TU München/GSI), N. Van Giai (IPN Orsay), G. Verde (INFN, Sezione di Catania), K. Yako (U. of Tokyo), S. Yennello (Texas A&M), Y. Zhang (CIAE)

Poster Presentations

Poster boards will be prepared in RIBF 1F foyer and you can easily find the boards. The size of a poster board is about 84 cm by 140 cm which is suitable for A0 portrait. Put your poster during a break on Monday, and take it down after the poster session on Wednesday.


All the participants should have submitted the registration form from the symposium website.

Registration desk will be open from 8:30 to 9:15 on Monday morning. All the participants should pay the conference fee of 10,000 yen by cash at the registration desk.


Three lunches (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and two dinners (Monday and Tuesday) during the symposium will be covered by the symposium. Vegetarian meals will be served on prior request to the symposium organizers.

On Monday evening, we will join the BBQ party of RIKEN Nishina Center. This is the day of a firework event of Suwa Shrine which is close to RIKEN.


Proceedings will be made in an electronic form.


The abstracts of invited talks and the accepted contribution abstracts are listed in the website. They are also linked from the scientific program.

Access to Symposium Site

The sessions will take place at the Conference Room of RIBF Building in RIKEN Wako Institute.

Most of the foreign participants should fly to Tokyo/Narita Airport (NRT). By taking trains from NRT, it takes about 2 hours to Wako-shi Station of Tobu Tojo Line which is the nearest station to RIKEN Wako Institute.

Access information and a campus map are available in the RIKEN website ( Please download the two PDF files there (Access to RIKEN and Campus Map).

Additional comments about the access to Wako-shi:

Important locations in the RIKEN campus:


There are several convenient hotels at stations along Tobu-Tojo Line. A list of hotels is available in the symposium website. Each participant should directly contact a hotel for reservation.

International Advisory Committee

Organizing Committee

With our best regards,

NuSYM10 Organizing Committee
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