International Symposium on
Nuclear Symmetry Energy

RIKEN, Wako, Japan
July 26-28, 2010

Accepted Abstracts

Hugo F. Arellano
(University of Chile)
Effects on the saturation properties of infinite nuclear matter from the angular structure of the p-p propagator
Virgil Baran
(University of Bucharest)
Symmetry energy from nuclear reactions dynamics
Zbigniew Chajecki
Two-particle correlations in heavy ion collisions and their sensitivity to the symmetry energy
Daniel D S Coupland
The influence of transport variables on isospin transport ratios
Vidya Devi
(NIT Jalandhar (PUNJAB)-144011, INDIA)
The systematic dependence of $E(2_1^+ )$ and energy ratio $R_{4/2}(= E(4_1^+ )/E(2_1^+ ))$ on N, $N_pN_n$, $N_B$ and p-factor for A=120-200 mass region nuclei
Michael Famiano
(Western Michigan University)
Neutron-Proton Ratio Measurements as Sensitive Observables of the Asymmetry Term of the Nuclear EOS
Takuya Furuta
(LPC Caen)
Molecular dynamics studies from heavy-ion collisions to neutron stars
Nguyen Van Giai
(IPN Orsay)
Nuclear symmetry energy and neutron star cooling
Colò Gianluca
(University of Milano (Italy))
Nuclear symmetry energy from microscopic calculations of the dipole response in finite nuclei
Nguyen Mong Giao
(Scientific committee of Physics Institute Hochiminh city)
Francesca Gulminelli
(LPC Caen)
Thermodynamics of the crust-core transition in (proto)neutron stars
Nguyen Quang Hung
Canonical and microcanonical ensemble descriptions of thermal pairing in nuclei
Masatoshi Itoh
(CYRIC, Tohoku Uiniversity)
The asymmetry term in the nuclear-matter incompressibility deduced from the isoscalar giant monopole resonance in the Sn and Cd isotopes
Dao Tien Khoa
(INST Hanoi)
Neutron-proton asymmetry in nuclear matter and fnite nuclei
Micha A. Kilburn
Proton-Proton Correlation Functions as a Probe to the Density Dependence of the Symmetry Energy
Seweryn Kowalski
(University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland)
The symmetry energy in the heavy ion collision at intermediate energies
Jenny Lee
Symmetry Energy in Nuclei
Hyun Kyu Lee
(Hanyang University)
Nuclear symmetry energy in compact star matter
Gregory Lehaut
(IPN Lyon)
A study of nuclear stopping in central collisions at intermediate energies
Yvonne Leifels
Systematic Studies of Heavy Ion Collisions in the 1 AGeV Regime - Resent Results from FOPI
Bao-An Li
(Texas A&M University-Commerce)
Probing the nuclear symmetry energy at supra-saturation densities
Nuclear EoS and transport properties in Neutron Stars
Fei Lu
(Peking University)
Constraining Symmetry Energy with Isospin Ratios from nucleons to fragments
(IPN Orsay)
Thermalization time and specific heat of neutron stars crust
Masayuki Matsuo
(Niigata Univ.)
Probing low-density pairing properties via neutron-rich nuclei
Alan McIntosh
(Texas A&M University)
Ternary Decay of Projectile-Like Fragments
Harish Mohan Mittal
(National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar)
Low spin identical bands in adjacent even-even nuclei of A=120-200 region
Shigeru Nishizaki
(Iwate University)
Nuclear Symmetry Energy and its Effect on Neutron Stars
Hasnaoui Karim Habib Omar
(Tohoku University)
Monopole vibrations studied with molecular dynamics
Kazuhiro Oyamatsu
(Aichi Shukutoku U.)
Symmetry energy at subnuclear densities and macroscopic properties of neutron-rich nuclei
Darshana patel
(University of Notre Dame)
Isotopic Dependence of Giant Monopole Resonance in the even A, 106-116Cd isotopes and the asymmetry term in nuclear incompressibility
Dominic Rossi
(GSI Darmstadt)
Dipole Response of Exotic Nuclei and Symmetry Energy - Experiments at the LAND-R3B Setup
Irina Sagert
(Institute for Theoretical Physics, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
Nuclear equations of state in explosive astrophysical systems
Masami Sako
(Kyoto Univ. , RIKEN)
Energy Dependence of $\pi^-$/$\pi^+$ Ratio in In+$^{28}$Si Reaction
Yoshiko Sasamoto
(CNS, University of Tokyo)
The super-allowed Fermi type charge exchange reaction for studies of isovector non-spin-flip monopole resonance
Hans-Josef Schulze
(INFN Catania)
Nuclear symmetry energy in the Brueckner-Hartree-Fock approach
S. Somorendro Singh
(University of delhi, Delhi, India)
Dilepton production in temperature dependent baryonic Quark-Gluon Plasma
Andrew W. Steiner
The Equation of State of Dense Matter: Connecting Nuclear Experiment and Astrophysical Observations
Jirina Rikovska Stone
(University of Oxford/University of Tennessee)
Skyrme energy functional and neutron star matter
(Iwate University)
Symmetry energy effects on superfluidity of neutron stars
Nguyen Thi Ai Thu
(Scientific committee of Physics Institute Hochiminh city)
Wen-Dong Tian
(Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 201800, Shanghai, China)
Investigation of the symmetry energy in EOS by isoscaling in heavy ionreactions
Wolfgang Trautmann
(GSI Darmstadt)
Isospin dependent multifragmentation of relativistic projectiles
Stefan Typel
(TU M"unchen/GSI Darmstadt)
Clusters in Nuclear Matter
Giuseppe Verde
(INFN, Sezione di Catania)
Probing the symmetry energy in heavy-ion collisions
Isaac Vidana
(University of Coimbra)
Symmetry energy, neutron star crust and neutron skin thickness
Kentaro Yako
(University of Tokyo)
Charge exhcange spin dipole sum rule and the neutron skin thickness
Sherry Yennello
(Texas A&M University)
Investigation of the Symmetry Energy from Measurements of Transverse Collective Flow
Mike Youngs
Density Dependence of the Symmetry Energy Using Emitted Protons and Neutrons
Ming Zhang
(Tsinghua University)
Recent Results on ¶–-/¶–+ Ratio for Constraining the High Density Behavior of Nuclear Symmetry Energy
Yingxun Zhang
Extracting symmetry energy information with transport models
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